Room Booking Policy

  1. Any congregation members can request for regular or special event room usage by submitting an e-mail to with the following information:

        Description of Event

        Church Site & Room

        Start Date and Time

        End Date and Time (Duration)

        Contact Person and Contact Details (by default the requester is the contact person – unless specified otherwise)

        Other crucial Information (e.g. recurrence, will the room be decorated, will a key be required, etc.)

    Special note for David’s Room:

    This room can be booked for most church related activities, such as Bible Study, music practice, etc, where consuming foods/drinks is not the main activity. Bible study socials or any parties would not generally be approved.

  2. The request should be done in at least two weeks in advance. Any request sent less than two weeks in advance may not be accommodated -  unless it’s an emergency request (eg. Funeral, etc). However, CoM reserves the right to review this on case by case basis. In the event of emergency (eg. Funeral, etc), CoM reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

  3. The contact person shall be responsible for church care and security (Refer to Church Covid-19 Protocol, Cleaning Check-list and Security Procedure) CoM expect that congregation members who utilise the room will treat room/building respectfully and responsibly: stacking tables and chairs in their correct position, turn off electricity after usage – when applicable, and locking up the room.

  4. The booking for the room must be submitted through CoM ( Any direct request through any other party, to use the room, will be disregarded.

  5. CoM cannot guarantee that any church activities will be approved to use the room. It reserves the right to approve or reject an event dependent on circumstances. CoM will communicate the approval/rejection as soon as practicable.