Sunday school is a ministry for the youngest members of the church. 

We run Sunday school programs every Sunday during the 1st service at Randwick

and the 2nd service at Kingsford (see church service schedule for time).

Term #1 Newsletter

Greetings Parents,

Hope everything goes well with you all in this beginning of 2020. Looking back at the Old Testament tradition, one of the interesting custom when the Jewish celebrate their New Year's Day (called Rosh Hashana which usually falls in our September or October in successive years) is that they celebrates Passover.

Through getting rid of all traces of leaven from the house, symbolically they are remembering and preparing themselves from any impurities as their ancestor were waiting for God's deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Then, the Passover lambs were slain and offered with all sacrifices in the Temple. Every male Jew over 12 years of age was required to attend, and many women and children came voluntarily (

Me might not celebrate our new year in similar manner - cleaning our houses and having a BBQ lamb chops. But we realise that our meaningful relationship with God as His children is made possible only by His mercy who has sent His one and only Son (For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all people [1 Timothy 2:5-6a]). May this old but everlasting Truth shapes our paradigm and thus guides our family in facing our days ahead.

For practical tips to live out this truth, h
ere is an excerpt a book by Paul Basden and Jim Johnson titled Tough Stuff Parenting: Helping Your Kids Navigate Faith and Culture

         Read the Bible for Yourself ~ We’ve all heard, “You can’t take someone where you haven’t been.” In the context of raising your children, here’s what it means: If you want to help your children explore the wonderful world of the Bible, you must know it yourself. You must read the Bible on your own.
         How do you start? Here are some specific ideas I have practiced over the years that have made a remarkable difference for me. They aren’t original, but they have helped me better understand the Bible and, in turn, know and love the God revealed in the Bible:
- Choose a modern translation (NIV or NLT is a good translation)
- Select a format you enjoy (hard copy or through electronic device)
- Follow a daily Bible reading plan (our church bulletin has a reading plan)
- Find a regular time and place to read your Bible (a good habit starts with similar repetition throughout time)
- Read slowly and thoughtfully
- Read with your spiritual eyes open (ask for the illumination of Holy Spirit)
- Memorize and meditate on passages that speak to you.
         Those seven ideas can help you read the Bible for yourself and become a lover of God’s Word. Then you will be excited about taking your children where you’ve been.

Sunday School Ministry Team

N.B. Attached is the curriculum link that your kids will learn in this term.  We know that rising children in fear of God is not an easy task and we can do much more together (SS teachers & parents).  So, you can ask, remind or even read the bible story with your kids throughout the week.


Our mission is to lead children into knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD and help them mature in following Him by providing Bible-based teaching, modeling for children, and partnering with parents.

We have a team of approximately 30 loving and caring teachers, who are always working really hard every week, rain, hail, or shine. On average there are approximately 80-100 children come regularly each week.  They are divided into separate classes depending on the ages.

We try to make our programs as fun and engaging as possible with singing, games, and activities and most importantly sound Biblical teaching. We provide regular training to our teachers and mentoring for new teachers to ensure we are equipped to do the wonderful task God has given to us, to serve His children

Toddlers and Pre-school Class

are welcomed into their rooms just before the adult church service begins. We sing songs, tell stories from the Bible using variety of methods, e.g. felt pieces, etc; play games and do some activities for the children.

School Age Class
(Kindergarten to Primary 6)

begin in the adult’s church service with their parents, singing and watching a children’s talk before going to their classes (we only do children’s talk every 2 weeks at Randwick church due to time constraint). With whole families watching the children’s talk, parents know what their children are learning so they can discuss that passage of Scripture as a family at home. Additionally, by welcoming the children in the adult’s service, we want the children to know that they are part of the church too.

The teachers reinforce the same message given in children’s talk in class with singing, games, Bible stories and activities (with children repetition is the key). We also do a short Bible Study in Primary 3-6 classes each week.

The resource material we use for school age children is ‘Superbook’ (https://au.superbookacademy.com). We find it simple, easy to follow, creative and faithful to the Bible. Kid’s wise helps the teachers teach God’s word and the application to the children today.