Sunday school is a ministry for the youngest members of the church. 

We run Sunday school programs every Sunday during the 1st service at Randwick

and the 2nd service at Kingsford (see church service schedule for time).

Term #3 Newsletter of 2021

Good day parents,


It is a de ja vu that we have just experienced lately?  The plan has been made and the kids had been thinking of how to spend their holidays, before suddenly the lockdown is put into effect in Sydney – just before the school break is starting.  The chairs in church building are rearranged into four-meter square and no singing is allowed besides the worship leader.  Are we back to where we are a year ago?


Well, yes but not quite similar because nowadays people are more reluctant to obey the regulations compared to a year ago.  On the other hand, I have experienced how people are flocking to get the vaccine in Olympic Park.  They said, about four thousand to eight thousand people are getting vaccinated each day.  Maybe they are anxious about the more easily spread delta variant of Covid-19.


As daunting as it might be, there is another sobering fact that happen in Australia in general.  Based on the yearly statistic of Victoria till March 2021, family violence offences in Victoria have reached the highest level on record.  In fact, it is the highest figure since records began in 1993.  While other types of victim reports decreased over the past 12 months, the increase in family violence-related victimisation has been seen for the last 3 years, reflecting more than pandemic-related impacts.[1] In other words, more family is less safe space for the well-being growth of a child.


Which brings us to ponder, have we as believers done enough for our children?  Because everyone of us is called to nourish them in discipline and instruction of the Lord instead of provoking them into anger (Eph 6:4).  How can we as Christian community and Christian families do to establish a nurturing environment where the kids can mature well physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  In this we have both God’s charge and His promise to every parent. Parents need to know what this means and believe and trust in its methods. Though simply stated, this verse means far more than what immediately meets the eye and nothing at all of what most think. The verse is not talking about mere forced parental conformity. It is not saying, send your children to Sunday school or have them memorize the Ten Commandments and everything will work out. It goes much deeper than that.[2]


Parents are to nurture or train that when properly done, can contain, control, and train children so they joyfully obey.  And certainly, one of the necessary ingredients in training children is by giving them a taste of the reality of God by modelling His love and care to them. We cannot expect them to be real with God if we are just pretender. They pick up on our attitudes and patterns whether we like it or not. 


So, let us take the first step of nurturing them right from our very own journey with God.  The adage rightly says that we cannot bring people to the place where we have been.  And yes, we can only lead our kids as far as the path that we have been through with God.  Parents, how is your interaction with God right now?

Sunday School Ministry Team

[1] https://ausprayernet.org.au/victoria-records-highest-level-of-family-violence-on-record/

[2] For a more detail exposition of the text see https://bible.org/seriespage/6-principle-nurture-training-your-child


Our mission is to lead children into knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD and help them mature in following Him by providing Bible-based teaching, modeling for children, and partnering with parents.

We have a team of approximately 30 loving and caring teachers, who are always working really hard every week, rain, hail, or shine. On average there are approximately 80-100 children come regularly each week.  They are divided into separate classes depending on the ages.

We try to make our programs as fun and engaging as possible with singing, games, and activities and most importantly sound Biblical teaching. We provide regular training to our teachers and mentoring for new teachers to ensure we are equipped to do the wonderful task God has given to us, to serve His children

Toddlers and Pre-school Class

are welcomed into their rooms just before the adult church service begins. We sing songs, tell stories from the Bible using variety of methods, e.g. felt pieces, etc; play games and do some activities for the children.

School Age Class
(Kindergarten to Primary 6)

begin in the adult’s church service with their parents, singing and watching a children’s talk before going to their classes (we only do children’s talk every 2 weeks at Randwick church due to time constraint). With whole families watching the children’s talk, parents know what their children are learning so they can discuss that passage of Scripture as a family at home. Additionally, by welcoming the children in the adult’s service, we want the children to know that they are part of the church too.