Sunday school is a ministry for the youngest members of the church. 

We run Sunday school programs in tandem with all our Sunday services

at both the Kingsford and Liverpool locations

(see church service schedule for time).

Newsletter of Holy Saturday 2023

Greetings parents,

Today is Holy Saturday. For many, weekends are the time to relax and quality time with family. But especially this day, after the sorrowful crucifixion of Christ and before His glorious resurrection, church tradition remembers this day as a day of rest that even Christ himself lived.

Christ who came not to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28), arrived at the climax of His ministry through sacrifice on the cross. If our lives are in a similar stage, in limbo, indecision, stuck without certainty, remember the disciples who were also desperate and lost hope, on this day 2000 years ago, because they thought that they have lost their Rabbi.

In your season of silence, remember this: God made a lot of noise on Friday. He appeared to be quiet on Saturday. But God and his angels conquered death on Sunday! With your eyes of faith, let not despair but hope filled your heart because God is never leave us out. And in faith, we believe His death is not a dead end but a gateway, the entrance to His glory.

In Christ,

Sunday School Team


Our mission is to lead children into knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and LORD and help them mature in following Him by providing Bible-based teaching, modeling for children, and partnering with parents.

We have a team of approximately 30 loving and caring teachers, who are always working really hard every week, rain, hail, or shine. On average there are approximately 80-100 children come regularly each week.  They are divided into separate classes depending on the ages.

We try to make our programs as fun and engaging as possible with singing, games, and activities and most importantly sound Biblical teaching. We provide regular training to our teachers and mentoring for new teachers to ensure we are equipped to do the wonderful task God has given to us, to serve His children

Toddlers and Pre-school Class

are welcomed into their rooms just before the adult church service begins. We sing songs, tell stories from the Bible using variety of methods, e.g. felt pieces, etc; play games and do some activities for the children.

School Age Class
(Kindergarten to Primary 6)

begin in the adult’s church service with their parents, singing and watching a children’s talk before going to their classes. With whole families watching the children’s talk, parents know what their children are learning so they can discuss that passage of Scripture as a family at home. Additionally, by welcoming the children in the adult’s service, we want the children to know that they are part of the church too.