Indonesian Presbyterian Church - Randwick

Oneway Youth Group

We are Oneway Youthgroup, IPC’s program for reaching out to the highschool students of both IPC and our local community, with the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We proclaim the gospel week-in, and week-out, that Christ Jesus has come into the world to save sinners, lived in obedience to God, was crucified and rose again, so that those who believe and trust in him might share in eternal life with God – all to the glory of God the Father. To sum it up, we are all about Jesus.

We meet every Sunday morning at Randwick Presbyterian Church hall at 8am.

Oneway also meets during the week. This gathering is called Oneway Zone, or Ozone.

Ozone is very similar to Oneway, and is held at Kingsford Church. In 2012, under God, we hope Ozone will become a ‘hub’ for the young people in IPC, their friends, and in our local community, to gather and hear the good news of Jesus.