Indonesian Presbyterian Church - Randwick

Missionaries – The Evans

The Evans Family

The Evans comprised of John, Rosemary and Boaz (February 2013).

The work of the Evans

The Evans is the first non Indonesian missionary family which we support as a church.
They are also sent to non Indonesian territory, Japan.
We do this because we believe that God is the God of the whole world, and it is our hope, as Christians, that everyone would know the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In Japan, they serve with the Presbyterian Church in Japan in church planting in Chiba City (east of Tokyo).
They also work in partnership with Mission to the World, MTW, the overseas mission arm of the Presbyterian Church of America.

To know more of the Evans and what they do, please visit their blog site, or Facebook page,
Do drop them email from time to time on

Supporting the Evans

To support the Evans financially, IPC channeled the fund through Australian Presbyterian World Mission, APWM.
As a church, currently, we have pledged to support them for 7 years (since their commission in August 2012) with yearly gift of $10 000.

If you want to support them, please put the money in envelope (marked ‘The Evans’, or ‘Mission’) and put it into the weekly offering bags.
We’re sorry that this is currently the only way to give, as we don’t have a separate account created for this.

Should the money collected be over the budgeted amount, they will be used for other IPC missions.
Unfortunately, currently, we can’t track how much we have given or the year to date amount for mission on weekly basis. Not even monthly.
Committee of Management do give the update, albeit yearly. This can be accessed in Annual General Meeting report.