Indonesian Presbyterian Church - Randwick

Mission – Japan

Japan is the largest unreached nation in the developed world. Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, yet 95% of Japanese have never read or heard the gospel. One of the struggles faced by the church
is that in a nation of 125 million people, the church is relatively small.


  • 125 million people
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • 96% Buddhist or Shinto
  • 1.5% Christian
  • 0.5% Evangelical Christian

Some depressing facts:

  • Not only are employees expected to work long hours, but also to go to the local izakeya (pub/restaurant) to build company relationships until late into the night. Families rarely see husbands and fathers excepting maybe on Sunday.
  • In 2010, twenty thousands people died, due to magnitude 9 tsunami (Unlike Australians who rally to volunteer to help those who suffer during the floods and fires, Japan has little culture of volunteering to help those in need)
  • 100 people commit suicide in Japan every day
  • Largest unreached people group in the develop world (and yet, as each year passes, there are fewer missionaries sent, and more churches die.)
  • The most expensive mission field in the world, costing around $150, 000 per year to send a family there to church plant.