Indonesian Presbyterian Church - Randwick



Just as there are different types of gifts God gives to various individuals, IPC is involved in many different types of mission.

Mission is done as a church. This requires a lot of days of prayer and planning, involving a lot of people (here in Sydney and overseas).

In this type of mission, usually, IPC would send a team for a few weeks to the site to survey and establish connections. This could be seen as non effective, as we’re only there for a short period of time, meeting a few people for a few days. (Well, we organised ‘revival meetings’ involving hundreds of non Christians). However, the real work is done by the link churches, who lives with the people, who are actually doing the real work of following up. Mission is done as churches partner up to do the work. What we have as a result, is what we want to call Mission profile.

An example of mission profile is child support.

Mission is also done by individuals. This is because we believe lives which are lived with purposed, are missional.

As the number of people ‘involved’ are getting smaller, the time spent on mission might be longer (weeks, months, even years). The risk might increase too.

An example of mission which is done in a couple of weeks are: AFES’ NTE, beach missions.

An example of mission which is done in months is year 13 (done by Gloria in 2013), or individuals teaching English in ‘foreign’ land.

An example of mission which is done in years is the sending of the Evans to Japan, as missionaries.

Apart from ‘going out’ mission, we also have ‘coming in’ mission. In 2015, IPC plans to host Christ college mission in Easter.

We know that we can’t do everything by ourselves, even as a church. Another example of ‘mission’ is supporting by training of Theological students. An example was Bagoes Seta, called from Indonesia. From our own church, currently, we have Jeremy and Michelle.